Mustang Crew

Each Family will choose which Crew they want to be linked to for the coming year.

Each POD will determine the meeting schedule and format that best suits the Crews needs to fulfill the goals and expectations of the year.

Each team will have members to help organize and plan the following tasks.  Teams are not 100% in charge of staffing all these events, but would be initiating or organizing the volunteers with the members of the group being the leader.

Athletics Crew

  • Concessions Stand during Fall and Winter seasons
    • Organizing worker schedules for concession stand
    • Getting supplies and or asking for donations
  • Doing the schedules for other athletic events
    • Book/Scoreboard
    • Hallway
    • Clean up
  • Halftime entertainment Schedule
    • Free throws, 3 Pointers, Half-court shot contest
  • Running Tournaments
    • B Team Boys/Girls (can expand to 8 teams)
    • Possible A team Boys/Girls (can expand to 8 teams)
    • Organize helper schedule
    • Contact other schools
    • Food / Drinks
    • Admission and Cleanup
    • Trophies
  • Assist AD

Fundraising Crew

  • Help run various fund raisers for the year
    • Kringles or Mr Zs
    • Plant Sale
    • Brat Fry
    • Church Picnic
    • Pizza making sales
    • Golf outing
    • Indoor Bags tourney
    • Adult Volleyball Tournament
    • Enhancing and promoting the script card program
    • Box Tops program and other “little things” programs that can be done to raise money.

Fellowship Crew

  • Quarterly Events
    • Beginning of the school year social
    • Fall Bonfire in park
    • Winter Carnival Saturday
    • Special Persons Day
    • Family Fun Day
    • Skit and Song Night
  • Assist 2 Fundraising events that have large fellowship aspects
    • Possible Golf Outing

Other points for these Crews

One Person to lead each group – this person joins the executive committee which includes Principal and school board delegate.  The person who is leading the fundraising POD is also the “treasurer”

Each leadership post has a 2 year limit, with the second year delegated to teaching the next leader

Each group will have a budget for minor purchases that do not need authorization.

Annual email will go out from the executive team looking for suggestions on what capital expenditures will be the focus for during the coming year.  The ideas with the most votes will get put into a final agenda.

2 Trinity Staff teachers will be in each group